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Resources evaluation and exploration design

    Orion optimizes design and exploration program and achieving efficient attainment of high quality reserves based on characterized geological condition of target resources.

Reservoir simulation and reserves calculation

    Orion works on reservoir simulation and calculate reserved in line with industrial standard based on exploration data and material.

Project planning and development program

    Orion compiles ODP based on resources condition, reserves, technical feasibility and commercial environment.

Practice of refined process and productivity diagnosis optimization

    Orion runs an overall appraisal of geological conditions and engineering quality and delivers productivity enhancement engineering measures based on production performance analysis and judgment to the gap between actual and potential productions.

Coal mine area coal and coal gas production integrated engineering design

    Orion supervises on engineering operational quality and secures quality standard satisfaction.

Technical and production management training

    Orion organizes special training of exploration development production technology and management.

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