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Drilling and Completion

Orion owns 13 professional drilling teams which consists of more than 80 senior and middle level drilling engineers, they can serve on integrated service from drilling design to drilling and completion of all kinds of vertical wells within the depth of 4500 meters.

Directional Drilling and Geo-steering

Orion has advanced MWD, LWD, electronic multiple points, gyro inclination measurement instrument and all kinds of screw drilling tools, non-magnetic collar, centralizer, bottomhole compaction tool etc.

Downhole Engineering

Orion has designed and developed a series of associated technologies, equipment and tools to work with CTU and owns a number of NA patents, including unlimited stages” frac factory” operation in horizontal well, pinpoint frac and refrac, openhole completion and SRV technologies for shale gas and tight oil&gas.All of this helps Orion set many records in NA and domestic operations.

Pumping Engineering

Orion offers equipment and man power required for coal bed methane well pumping; offers site management of production regime and system for coal bed methane well from the life cycle of new well production to shut in well which includes well farm standardization development.

Coal Gas Control Project

Orion takes HSE as a principle and offers client with integrated services to client from coal industry, offering professional engineering services to coal client based on coal production plan and coal gas pumping requirement.

Project of Productivity Development

Based on target zone resources condition, Orion can optimize and design characterized productivity buildup program, select engineering well type for the productivity buildup and in line with client’s requirement, transfer to client with productivity developed, reserves or production.

Technological Consulting Services

Orion optimizes exploration program for efficient attainment of high quality reserve target based on characterized geological conditions of target resources.

Software Services

Orion may control remote drilling, enhanced production, pumping operation, etc from control center through patented software and data platform. Orion also offers issue identification and diagnosis, optimize program, establish best resources utilization and allocation involving Orion experts.

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