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Orion has been for the consecutive 4 years awarded as "Class A Credit Rating of Tax Payer" of the enterprise in Beijing

Date of Release: February 4, 2015

Since year 2011, Beijing Orion has in the consecutive 4 years awarded with the title of honor for the "Class A Enterprise of the Credit Rating for Tax Payment", which is a proof for Orion’s business operation strictly in line with the laws and regulations, paying tax honestly and for a proactive role in undertaking the social responsibilities.

Leaders and the relevant employees at the Finance Department of Orion have contributed significantly in respect of paying company tax in accordance with the Taxation Law of the PRC and in cut corners on expenses for Orion! For fully response to the State grant of the relevant taxation favorable policies, colleagues from Finance Department of Orion have conscientiously studied and implemented laws and regulation for saving the tax payment and the costs. They have accumulatively saved tens of millions of Yuan for Orion in exercising tax or fees’ reductions, refund of tax from exportation, applying favorable policies relating to the change of paying business tax to paying the VAT by the Company and other series of relevant policies and rules including but not limited to "High Technology Enterprise Income Tax Favorable Tax Rate Application", "deduction of Tax Payment from Expenses of Research and Development of Technologies", "Protocols of Avoidance of Double Taxation", "Exemption of Income Tax Incurred in Overseas Countries", "Tax Refund from Exportation of Enterprise" and "Favorable Policies Applying to Enterprises in Paying the VAT instead of Paying the Business Tax".Orion pays respect and regard to the colleagues who made the contributions mentioned hereinabove!

The governmental administrations, the relevant departments, the clients, the cooperative partners are highly appraised and respected the meritorious deeps performed by colleagues from Finance Department of Orion in strict observance of the State taxation laws and regulations, and for the dealing all tax-related transactions and deals in conformity with laws.

Orion for years, has been long, in strict observance of the State taxation system, strictly observes tax payment credit administrative rules of the Beijing municipal government. Orion has proactively playing synergy with the taxation administration on properly handling works relating to enterprise income tax payment. Orion has toll the line of “Paying Tax in Accordance with Laws” and “Paying Tax Honestly”. Orion has conscientiously implemented her obligation of tax payment and has thus fairly established the image of honest enterprise. Orion has been for years awarded as the Class A Tax Payment Credit Rating Enterprise -- an honor for Orion, a credit and an accolation from both the Chinese government and the community to Orion for her long standing and steadfast fulfillment of social responsibilities.

A photo of the certificate which bears Orion's Tax Registration Number.

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