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Beijing Orion has been granted with CBM Importation materials duty free qualification by the relevant administration in China

Date of Release: February 3, 2015

Per the Document (Cai Gaun Shui [2011] 30 Hao) jointly promulgated by the Ministry of Finance, the State General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Taxation on the Notice on Materials Importation Duty Free Treatment to Enterprises of CBM Exploration and Development Projects in China During the “12th Five Year Plan Period”, Beijing Orion has on August 5th 2014 obtained the Notice (Cai Guan Shui [2014] 45 Hao) from the Ministry of Finance -- a Letter on Verification and Accreditation to Beijing Orion Energy Technology and Development Inc’s CBM Exploration and Development Projects in the year 2014. Beijing Orion has also obtained a Document (Shui Guan Han Zi [2014] 32 Hao) from the General Admistration of Customs on August 25th 2014 -- a Notice of Department of Custom Duty Taxation of General Administration of Customs on Issues Concerning Taxation on Importation Materials of Beijing Orion Energy Technology and Development Inc for CBM Exploration and Development Projects during the year 2014. The above-mentioned two Documents have verified and accredited Beijing Orion with qualifications for enjoying the policies of importation materials taxation set out in the above-mentioned Documents, under which, Beijing Orion is exempt for both the importation duty and the VAT relating to material importation process.

The importation materials duty free policy for CBM exploration and development project was granted to CBM developers, the beneficiaries for the time being refers to only both enterprises,i.e the CUCBM and China Coal Dadi Company. Beijing Orion is the 3rd company who has been granted in China with such benefit and Beijing Orion is the 1st engineering service company in China that has acquired such a favorable treatment. As the 1st private enterprise who has obtained such an honor, it bears significance for Beijing Orion in respect of importing foreign advanced equipment and technology, boosting Beijing Orion’s standard of equipment and installation. The verification and accreditation of the qualification as such demonstrates acknowledgment to the advanced position in offering CBM engineering services of Beijing Orion from the Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs and State Administration of Taxation.

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