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Orion’s Spring Sports for the year 2014 was closed in ShanXi

Correspondent: HR of drilling department / Zhang Shuaike      Reviewed: HRD / Li Chuanping release date: 3-24-2014

On 22nd Mar., 2014, 8 teams from different functional departments of Orion, divisions and DHD with a total of more than 230 staff of Orion have participated in the Orion’s spring sports meeting held in the playground of RuiCheng junior high school in JinCheng, Shanxi Province. The Spots meeting has lasted for more than 7 hours. The Sports meeting was greatly supported by all Orion departments, divisions and offices as well as senior managers of DHD and the Orion’s Spring Sports event has achieved great success.

Figure 1. Orion Vice President Mr.Yang Tao made the opening speech at the Orion’s 2014 Spring Sports Meeting

opening ceremony.On the podium,there were Orion leaders and representatives from Runcheng MiddleSchool

Figure 2, 8 teams were presented on the play ground after the procession ceremony

Orion’s leader and colleagues were ready for the competition with high spirit

The 2nd Oprion Spring sports meeting was held in blooming spring in March and Orion rank and file staff were all looking forward to participate in a nationwide fitness campaign . After pick up the news for the Spring Sports Event, there were 258 Orion colleagues registered for the competition with some one one registered for 1-6 different sports activities . Team leaders and HR of each functional departments were taking responsibility in the organization and registration, while colleagues from 4 drilling teams couldn’t make it and all the registration work was completed within 28 hours. This Sport Event has more people registered compared with the last year and the competition was fierce.

All preparations were done efficiently thanks to the teamwork of HR site colleagues.

The 2nd Sport Event from the 1st meeting to the official competition, it was taken 9 days for the preparation including program design, expense application, procurement of sports uniform, trophies, furnitures for sport podium, negotiate for the lease of a sport ground, invitation of referees, organization for registrations of athelets, arrangement of accommodation, travel for athelets, etc, the HR team and management service center have devoted a lot of time and energy and the sport was smoothly progressed thanks to the teamwork and effective coordination of all parties involved.

Be tough in the coal weather andhot environment, which demonstrated the moral and spirit of Orion employees

On 22nd March 2014, it was an early spring in 2013, the weather was fine and the temperature was just 5 degrees in the morning. Athlets took off their coats and do for warm-up exercise. They had missed the breakfast time while waiting for the shuttle bus at the Jincheng base for a journey to the sport groundand they had arrived the sport ground at 8:00 , this demonstrated strong team performance spirit and a force of unit of all employees concerned. . Orion’s Vice president Yang Tao rushed from Beijing to Shanxi for attending the opening ceremony of @014 Spring Sport Event , together with Yang Tao who have arrived at the sports ground were leaders from Drilling Division, Geo-steering Division, Pumping Division and others. With the temperature had rised up to 21 degree Celcius, , allathletes were sweating from participating the sports competition events; however, regardless of cold morning temperature or the sweating status after the sports, all athelets have demonstrated their best part in the sport and a spirit of cooperation. The athletes were fighting hard while their teammates were cheering for their success.

Athletes excelled but never forget a teamwork for excellent results.

Athletes were trying their best and have challenged their limits in such sport events in the men's 100m race, women's 100m race; men's 4*100m ralay; women's 4*100m relay; men's 800m race; women's 800m race; and the men's 1500m race.

No one athletes were dropped out of the race in tiredness during the competition, All athletes were taken the final terminal their goal of effort making, some athletes fell halfway in the race but they quickly rose up and continued to the end. The cheerleaders holding high in their hands with horns and, rattling drumps or hankerchiefs and cheered for their tem players with the best rhythm while they shouted “ come on! come on! come on!”

The 8 teams showed their respective advantages during the race on the events like the football passing relay, jump ropes, jump kangaroos, a tug of war and so on; Team member were best cooperated in a team and complement each other with advantages for the better achievements and marks for the team.

At the end, the Downhole Division has won the first place with a total score of 120 marks; Geo-steering Division has won the second place with a total score of 97 marks; The20 Rig team (representing Teams 7 through 11) has won the third place with a total score of 78 marks.

Once feel the spirit of passion, fraternity unity, and best play everywhere in the sports ground.

The 2nd Spring Sport Event was smoothly organized and progressed with its 16 sports events. Atheletes of field and track were trying their best for the best result, they continued to run even after a fall and they have demonstrated a spirit of self-challenge snd excel. While their colleagues are the best cheerteams helping runners with food amd, water; in a collective sport competition events, team players were cooperated to each other with express job divisions, they all did their best for the best possible result; the tug of war was the Highlight of all sports events, at which, some team members have hurt their hands but they had fought their upmost for the best result.

The athletes at the sports has demonstrated a will for Orion to aspire, hope and a chance to grow.

Spring season is good for an out-door activity while it was also a time for Orion to run collective training and production preparation. The sport has put the Orion employees together for an outdoor team building, 25% of Orion employees have participated the sports events. It was an occasion for promote spirit of Orion leaders and employees for the proactive performance and a up going spirit.

The Orion’s management and collegues were highly appreciated for their support andLastlparticipation to the Sport Events. The best effort of the Organizational Committee was highly appreciated and the support from principle and PE teachers from the Shanxi Runcheng Middle School was highly appreciated.

Your participation and mine made an excellent Orion 2014 Spring Sport Event. TheTheOrion’s business will excel because of you and me. Let’s do our best from what each of us can and it was a good momentum for the growth of Orion Cheers!

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