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Orion offers efficient technology for the development of low permeable CBM reservoir at deep area in Qinnan basin, Shanxi province

- Orion’s cluster horizontal well staged fracturing technology produces 25,000 cubic meters gas/day, hit the record in China in the CBM industry

Date of Release: August 13

An Annual party of Beijing Orion for the year 2014 was successfully held in Beijing HeZhong JianGuo Hotel on 10th Jan., 2014 at 4pm with the theme of “New Starting Point and A New Goal” and a total of more than 200 people from all relevant departments and divisions have participated the Annual Party; The party has lasted for about 5 hours with a series of events such as a speech of the Orion president, an annual awards for excellent employees, and other programmes such as the lucky draws, ete. The Orion 2014 Annual Party was closed in a warm and inspiring atmosphere.

Beijing Orion Energy Technology and Development Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Orion”) has based on her rich coal-bed methane development technology and engineering experience gained in past years, exercises on geological resources condition development and process combination and optimization starting from study the area’s geological conditions and characteristics of the CBM reservoir. Orion has exercises on self-developed the 4th generation horizontal wells -- the cluster multiple stages fracturing horizontal wells and Orion has undertaken the production tasks of geological study, well positioning and deployment, well model selection, engineering design and construction, quality management and control and pumping production administration and other across-the-board business chain production tasks. Orion has refreshed the industrial record with good result of 25,313 cubic meters gas under the bottomhole pressure 1.48 PMa in July 2015.

The project was undertaken by Orion in 2014 -- an energy production project with an across-the-board design package. Orion persists the practice of one stop engineering construction under an orientation of energy production; Orion also persists the practice of smart pumping and fine control for the optimized energy production;

With the cluster horizontal well design program, 6 horizontal wells can be simultaneously constructed from the same well pad, this saves footprint, makes production continuous. From the 3 horizontal wells that have been completed, an average single well’s drilling cycle has saved by 65% of the time required for other wells under the similar conditions.

The horizontal well section’s multiple stage fracturing technique has made the construction efficient and it also protected the CBM reservoir to be best possible extent. An average time needed for fracturing of 7 stages is 13 days and Orion has saved 140 days before bringing about stable production at the breakthrough record of 25,000 cubic meters/day.

Orion has been successful in the development and research for technologies required for the pilot projects in developing the coal permeable CBM reservoir, the technologies have bring to life for an effective development of low permeable and complex tectonic CBM resources at the deep formations in the south of Qinshui Basin desired for better development long in the past and the technologies shall have the bright future for application in other CBM resources development.

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