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In December 2013, Orion has established Oil and Gas Division which signals a starting point for Orion’s endeavor for marching into the conventional oil and gas market.

In Oct 2013,Orion was for the first time in China applied the customized large size coiled tubing in the oil production horizontal well fracturing operation.

In July 2013, Orion has made R & D on flat-pak and hydraulic-driven screw pump and put them into the production application, thus has break through the technical limitation of deviated well, horizontal well, big dogleg angle well and the terrain and topographical limitation for the CBM development.

In April 2013, Orion has ordered 4 sets of coiled tubing equipment from North America, 6 sets of nitrogen fracturing equipment, and has established the Downhole Division and, and the same time the Hebei Zhengding base was officially launched for the services

In March 2013, Orion has pioneered in Henan Mengjin a technology that applied for soft coal horizontal well surface coal digging, pressure bleeding and emergency elimination which opened up a new way for an effective o resolusion of promenent coal gas problem.


In September 2012, Orion has successfully brought about soft coal CBM nitrogen bubble staged fracturing development in Hebi coal mine Henan province and has obtained good coal bed methane production performance. By doing so, Orion has explored a brand new way for the coal mine coal gas safety and protection while effectively expanded the scope of coalbed methane development resources..


In Oct 2011., Orion has designed and organized for the implementation of 9 sectional nitrogen bubble fracturing in Mabi block , Qinshui Basin Shanxi Province ,and Orion has made an industrial record of accomplishing 9 Sectional fracings in 7 days.


Orion was for the first time in the coal bed methane development accomplished cementation-free casing completion multistage fracturing (applied to the CBM development projects in SanJiao, JiXian,FeiZhuang, and MaBi).

In November 2010, Orion has pioneered the 2.5G type single main-branch multi branch horizontal wells, and has built the SJ45-H1 well in SanJiao region, Orion was also run into the main horizontal well section with the prefabricated non metallic PE screen screen

In September 2010, Orion has realized first time in China the hydraulic injection fracing production enhancement technology of CBM horizontal well and has successfully accomplished in SanJiao region the 5 consecutive sections hydraulic injection and fracturing of the horizontal well SJ12-H1.

In June 2010, Orion has for the first time in China and in foreign countries realized a one time connectivity of the "U" type wells of the low dogleg angle, and Orion has smoothly run in hole the fiber glass casing in to the horizontal section.

In May 2010, Orion has successfully used a self-developed supporting intelligent pumping system and downhole tools the first time in Shanxi Panzhuang block; for the remote automation control in coal-bed methane mining area and an integrative block management practice


Orion has pioneered the progressive multi branch horizontal well drilling technology (for Sanjiao coal bed methane development project in Shanxi).

In May 2009, Orion has built in the double horizontal wells in SanJiao region Shanxi Province, the first time in China

In April 2009., Orion has accomplished Fan Zhuang 4# well group, the One for N well shape; and the first time in China


It was Oct 2008.and was the first time in China, Orion has established 6 comprehensive geo-steering operational teams; pioneered in special geo-steering tools for salvaging bottomhole tools, which has broken the situation whereby it was for a long-time in the past China depends on the foreign supply of geo-steering tools for coal-bed methane salvage


Orion was for the first time in China realized multi-branch horizontal well technology for large scale commercial exploration application of coalbed methane (Shanxi province Jincheng area Fanzhuang coal-bed methane development project).

Orion has pioneered One for N multi branch horizontal well cluster deployment and systematic spading operations (Shanxi Panzhuang CBM project)


In September 2006, Orion has applied multi branch horizontal well technology to Shanxi Panzhuang development project for AAGI, which has created the highest production record of single well production 100,000 cubic meters per day.

From Aug. to Dec. 2006, Orion was for the first time in China realized single shaft dual wings multi branch horizontal well group in coal-bed methane contiguous development in China

On 28th Jan, 2006., Orion was for the first time in China realized the drilling record of two main branches multi branch horizontal well in coal bed (DuanShi CBM Project)


On 23rd Dec., Orion has for the first time in China realized horizontal directional drilling 14,000 m big displacement from principal wellbore on the vertical depth of 120 meters coal seam and the total drilling footage of 8,632 meters record.

Orion was established with registration in Beijing on23rd Feb. (叫INC的公司才能用 incorporation)Orion has achieved first time in China on 10th Oct. the 900 meters vertical depth coal seam 6,088 meters horizontal drilling record.

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