Coalmine gas management service


Orion takes HSE as a principle and offers client with integrated services to client from coal industry, offering professional engineering services to coal client based on coal production plan and coal gas pumping requirement, a “San Zhi Er Xing Approach” of surface coal mine coal gas comprehensive control technology, brought about a general goal of ‘disaster prevention from pressure bleeding practice’ and ‘productivity release with a main aim of building productivity’.

Boring head, coal mining surface coal gas advanced pumping.

Coal gas drainage from goaf.

Coal gas drainage from mining area.

Coal gas pumping and coal gas pressure bleed under powder coal condition.

Integrated engineering and implementation of coal and gas combined production.

During 2004-2006, Orion was undertaken a volumetric coal gas pumping project -- "1000 meter drilling and pumping and surface multiple branches horizontal wells for boring head coal mine working face", the first time in China accomplished 1000 meters drilling in coal bed; production has achieved coal gas content in working face under 8 cubic meters, which has effectively resolved the coal mining take over production issue; pumping was occurred after drilling. Coal mine coal gas annual pumping > 150 million cubic meters and coal gas pumping rate > 80%.

In September 2012, Orion has worked on research on soft coal at xxx coal mine in Hebi in Henan province and has achieved the remote connection of 600 meters by horizontal wells under tectonic coal environment and has accomplished 5 stage nitrogen gas fracing. It has successfully accomplished soft coal bed methane horizontal well nitrogen bubble staged fracing development, which has paved a new approach for coal gas safety protection while effectively enlarging coal bed methane resources development scope.

In March 2013 for solving prominent coal mine bottomhole coal gas issue, Orion has run a project which changes the coal mine stress of coal bed in Mengjin project in Henan province. In the project, it has achieved 1000 meters remote end connection and water jet caving engineering, the coal digging well section was 1580.00-1640.00m,an accumulative coal digging capacity was 75 cubic meters, an average of 1.25 m3/m. The project has successfully explored a new road for efficient resolving coal gas issues.

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