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Beijing Orion Energy Technology & Development Inc (hereinafter referred to as 'Orion') is a professional company which strives to the R & D and Application of High-technology, offers to clients of non-conventional and conventional oil and gas industries from China and from foreign countries for oil and has resources exploration and development and a one-stop engineering and construction services. Orion has Grade A qualification for Gas Exploration Right and Grade –A Solid Mineral Exploration Right certified by the Ministry of Land and Resources (MOLAR) and Grade A qualification for drilling engineering. Orion also has other qualifications such as the Beijing High-Technology and New Technology Enterpise and Beijing High-Technology ‘Bai Shi Qian” Projects under the support from the Beijing Municipal People’s Government .

Orion was established in 2005 and headquarters in Beijing, China, under it, Orion has 7 production bases in Shanxi, Sha’anxi, Shandong, Sichuan, Hebei, Henan and Anhui and Orion has a Technological Center in North America. Orion has mainly focuses on technological R & D and engineering services for the conventional oil and gas, CBM, shale gas, tight oil and gas and heavy oil.

Orion has established professional services tems for drilling, geo-steering, fracing, testing,workover, pumping and gas bleeding and other operations. Orion has 11 drilling teams, 13 geo-steering teams and 5 directional drilling teams, 3 connectivity operation teams and 4 coiled tubing operation teams, 6 N2 bubble fracing operation teams, 2 conventional fracing teams, 10 pumping operatyion teams and and 1 Flt-Pak special production and maintenance teams, etc.

Orion has established remote production and management center and developed special digital work platform including ProMan, GasPro, GCRS, Navisys, Nebula and GasMan for the operation commnadering and coordination of aboe-mentioned operational teams. .

Orion has established 4 R & D goals and has studied special equipment and tools, including trailer-mounted drilling rig, geo-steering tools, stage fracing equipment and tools, frac monitoring and test, geo-steering, stage fracturing tools, fracturing monitoring equipment, coiled tubing units, N2 fracing unit, smart pumping amd coal gas control, in total the 6 major trechnological series and 36 state level patents and technologies, which covers multiple key businesses sectors of conventional oil and gas drilling and completion and enhanced production, as well as for application of CBM, shale gas, tight gas and and other non conventional oil and gas businesses sectyors rewuiqred for development under special geological conditions. Orion has formed “Characteristic resources understanding and optimized industrial design good for the industry application, special equipment and tools R & D, drilling and completion and fracing modification design and engineering, diagnosis of productivity and productivity optimization design, refined pumping and remote production maintenance”, and other important technological systems. Orion has formed By using Orion’s proprietary 4G horizontal technological platform and 15 major and special core technologies, Orion has maintains a leading role in more than 20 industrial records and maintains world leading position in many other areas in multiple branches horizontal drilling, horizontal well multi stage fracing, smart pumping and stable production maintenance.

Orion is ready to share with industrial players with technologies, experiences, and achievements and in a hand-in-hand way, offer clients with across the board and excellent services.

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